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Ancient Aliens Debunked — (full movie) HD

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  1. Кайто Рыжик:

    This was very informative, I was amazed at how deceptive the ancient aliens tv show was being after watching this. This answered a lot of my questions about how megalithic sites were built as well!

  2. Princess:

    If anyone is willing to help me learn French, it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 (I’ll help with English too)

  3. школьник тв:

    I fucking love this video, makes me wanna hit the weights. At first it was to get noticed by chicks, but now it has become more than that. It has become about building pride and dominating your former, weaker self, to become better and better and the game never ends.

  4. IsKEr:

    Дорогие друзья, проект BadComedian существует благодаря вам! СПАСИБО ЗА ПОДДЕРЖКУ — http://thebadcomedian.ru/. ПРИЯТНОГО ПРОСМОТРА!

  5. ILNAZ Ka:

    A study on adult development that surveyed 724 men and… zero women? How can you call that a study of adult development? That’s a study of adult MALE development. Disappointed.

  6. Магомед Юсупов:

    WOW. I’ll wait and see the new one hits another 20 million views and more for the following years. I am excited. 🙂


    The Ancient Astronaut theory is, in all honesty, no better than so-called Creationist «science». Both are an affront to the scientific method. Each of these theories assumes a conclusion is correct and scrambles to find facts to back up said conclusion. This is unscientific, irrational, and highly intellectually dishonest. Both depend on the deception of the uneducated, the gullible, and the scientifically illiterate to thrive; there is no credible evidence to support either idea.

  8. AlexandroSvito:

    I’m trying to impact individuals to be happy with themselves. I️ started my vlog about 2 daysand I️ hope people come along in my journey… subscribe to my channel Feell Thevibeee

  9. Мурад Алиев:

    the diagonal example was incorrect. It should have shown a tilted camera in relation to the subject, such as 30% out of parallel with the ground — gives a feeling of movement and action..

  10. Дмитрий Алфёров:

    17m and 4 years old. I never knew who the hell Tabata songs was. I was just looking for Metadata on YouTube, a typo (metabata) and stumbled upon this. Lolߘ`catchy song tho.

  11. thegoodgod1983:

    Lol in the first 5 min this idiot brings an estimated….estimated weight of 130 tonnes as though its a peice of hard evidence. Please by all means how the fuck did ancient bolivians move a 130 tonne rock in highlands without forests. I guess that wraps it up folks my guess is much lower than their guess and I dont have a working model even based on simple tools. God did it…and then they werent godly enough so the spanish killed them all and they were unable to turn the trchnology they used to cut and move 100 tonne objects into weapons or defence agaisnt simple irons and crude rifling. Fuck you are stupid.

  12. Hdagdjj Jsgsg:

    Hey everyone! Just a quick question from your own experience. If you do a FB programs and do an extra credit challenge, when is your cool down? Because usually it goes with the main video of the day and the extra credit challenge goes after it. Or do you do two cool downs? If you get what I mean…

  13. Акселератор Эспер:

    Nice 🙂 check out The Thought Provoker channel… 140 lbs guy flipping Big Tire up and down the football field 5 times ‘time lapse’ without stopping!

  14. СеРгО:

    Not the type of exercies tabata is meant to be done with. These are more strength/endurance movements (except for the double unders), tabata is intended as high intensity cardio training. I’m sure this is a good workout, but the exercises shown would better serve in a sets/reps format, while faster, less complex movements would be best for a tabata. Not knocking the guy, he’s obviously very fit, just trying to hopefully give pointers to people less experienced with fitness.

  15. Евгений Александрович из ЛНР:

    Le francais c’est vraiment difficile alors courage a tous ceux qui ont lis mont commentaires vous y arriverez un jour.

  16. Дмитрий Самарин:

    This is not working out for me. I’m trying to divide 9 6 8 ,7 6 5 ,1 6 7 by nine. The answer is 107,640,574 with a repeating 1 as a remainder. I keep getting 106 for the first three digits. Don’t know where I’m going wrong

  17. Юлия Лакирева:

    Made it to the jumping one…did 2 and fell on my butt. I wont give up. See you in 2 weeks hopefully without falling anymore

  18. Сергей Михайлов:

    Greatest bodybuilder of all time my ass. Arnold is the most famous bodybuilder. The greatest is Lee Haney!

  19. Mitt DEES:

    B…but i already mentally divided 221013 by 9 in six seconds…24557… «I haz a smartz» I’m Ten

  20. Plat inum:

    Chris white just so you know no nautical engineer who takes their job seriously would say the ark of Noah is perfect for sailing not would it stay upright. In fact they almost always say it would sink almost instantly in any kind of rough water

  21. Lego Man:

    People want to be rich because they do not want to be lonely. If you have enough money you can generally choose who you spend time with.

  22. Любовь Голубева:

    That’s not completely true. You don’t need a relationship to live happy. I live in isolation and i am very much satisfied with my life.

  23. Tik - Tak Channel:

    Knowing almost non of these facts I knew Ancient Aliens was bullshit. Everything they talk about is stupid and not that mysterious. They act like people 2000 years ago couldn’t even use fire. Oh, and of course, these people are so stupid yet they figure out the origins of the universe lol. Stupid show.

  24. Никита Ломайко:

    неужели Бондарчук такого плохого мнения о жителях Москвы? Хотя о чём это я, Бондарчук особоприближённый к императору, ему всё можно.

  25. Ideas for Garage:

    Would you make another one please? Among all other famous athelets’ tabata movie clips, oddly enough I like this one the most. This one brought me into the crossfit world years ago. And still it is the most inspiring movie clip of all to me.

  26. Хельга Султанова:

    the history channel should be ashamed,a these ancient alientards should be in prison for fraud .liars,the truth behind their garbage….the real history is simply incredible.

  27. Tatiana Grig:

    I don’t understand who are all these 4k who disliked it…… People aren’t loyal these days, just like my ex

  28. SunGazer osan:

    I’m 3 hours in… I promise myself I will finish all 5 days. These R’s are tricky for us English speaking folk.


    This really works! Im doing this now for about 3 days and my legs already feel stronger. At the begin my legs burned like fuck but now it feels so good when they are burning. I dont know if thats weird tho… thanks for making this video!

  30. Joseph Holliday:

    Arnold has been a biggest part of my inspiration! I’ve been lifting for more than 20 yrs! Thank you Professor Schwarzenegger!

  31. Смех ТВ:

    Так-то мировой уровень — это когда ваш утюг или таз продается во многих местах этого самого мира. Про это говно никто не знает. Да и смысл, попилили и отлично

  32. мотя Ноздрин:

    А что думает Верник))) ааа…это вообще жара!!! Хорошо что не пошел на это говно. Отличный обзор Евгений.

  33. Issy Akerejola:

    great video and the most important part is that you are willing to expose yourself and backup your claims with referenced facts.

  34. Тропик лайв:

    Can somebody help me learn french in exchange of you learning my language? Need it for a flight course 🙁

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