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При достаточно умеренной цене Panasonic TC-PST60 обладает невероятным качеством изображения с непревзойденно глубокими оттенками черного, четкой передачей цветов, отличной яркостью и прекрасной подачей изображения под любым углом.

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    Who gives a shit about response time in in a tv anyway. If you do then you are a compete idiot. Hardcore gamers who plays often enough or is good enough make use of low response times knows to use a monitor that is made for gaming. Tv are made for watching tv and movies and casual gaming.

  2. Лпап Ммсь:

    I log hundreds of hours of call of duty and i can say this tv does indeed have noticeable lag.  When I switch between my two tvs my aiming and movement feels noticeably different.  You arnt going to notice the lag just by pressing r2.

  3. Юрий Бибенин:

    Hey mate, i notice the lag with my pc plugged in with a wired mouse, its not much and wont really affect console controllers more than they already are laggy. might affect the g27 wheel though, it will be harder to drive with input lag

  4. Ламзира Ламзира:

    I play Battlefield 4 and I haven’t experienced any lag with this tv.  At times when I do … it’s not the TV.  It’s a bad internet connection.   You don’t see any lag in the video above.  So there’s not more to discuss.

  5. TheUnityFire:

    I’m so happy they didn’t improve it too much. I just bought an ST50 a month ago xD Though I wonder if they solved the image retention issues on the ST60…

  6. Marine DIY Guloyan:

    Hey there, very sorry for the late response.  I’ve been busy …I don’t doubt what you’re saying about the lag when connecting a computer.  True all tvs suffer lag here and there.  I actually went to the store and saw this tv and decided to buy it. Then I came to youtube and saw this plethora of erroneous videos claiming the tv lagged on video game play.   So I had to do the vid.   Thanks for you comment anyway, I appreciate it. 

  7. Fgos Play:

    Thanks for this. I was was thinking of getting one of these television and was worried about the input lag.

  8. Happy:

    +lecturer73 I owned this TV, the lag was horrible, this tv is rated around 78ms which is absurd, I now own a monitor with 7ms input lag, I am now always on top in the matches I play in CS GO or BF3.

  9. Николай Масловский:

    Where did you get yours, I’m thinking of getting one and how does this compare to the Samsung plasmas?

  10. Юрий Кеба:

    Warning to Panasonic viera users  Update of the TV software will damage the TV and it will not work anymore and Panasonic will not help you. Despite their fault  

  11. Zhulkashev Yerzhan:

    Ребята,добрый день! Помогите,прошу…у меня модель panasonic tx L39E6E Я никак не могу подключить колонки 2.1 Там есть разъём 3.5мм для наушников,и мне в магазине сказали,что и на выход(out) работают,но не получается. Что мне делать,как подключить? Может,в телевизоре что-то отключить надо и тогда заработает,не знаю…Заранее благодарен.

  12. Южная рекламная группа ТИПОГРАФИЯ, ДИЗАЙН, WEB, SMM:

    This TV does indeed have input lag. Not everyone will notice it and those that do will feel it differently. In a game like starcraft 1 or 2, most skilled gamers hit 400 actions per minute (1 action each 149 ms) so you can bet they will notice the input lag this tv has. The game you are playing there is not the fastest out there and when you press the controler there is a good delay from the input (id guess around 2 to 3 frames, perhaps 4), so I think you proved the opposite of what you write.

  13. Илья Блохин:

    Whaaattt? This HDTV is absolutely fine for most TV watchers and besides I tend to like Panasonic anyways. They’ve come out with some pretty good TV last year and I don’t see why this year would be the exception either..

  14. FreeLli Play:

    Yes my friend, you’re welcome. BUY THE TV.   Panasonic won’t be making any more PLASMA tv’s in the future.    So if you can get your hands on one, you’ll be thoroughly satisfied.  I prefer Plasma over LED and LCD.  So i’ll be watching mine until it no longer functions.  

  15. MikeBlueman:

    И я также по-прежнему наслаждаюсь. Уже последние 6 лет (VT50). И таки да, её действительно ничем не заменить. (Уже очевидно, ОЛЕДы никогда не станут полноценной заменой плазмы (как это подразумевалось 5 лет назад.) Но. Вместе с тем понимаю, что время плазмы — увы — безвозвратно ушло. И чем больше смотрю на новые панели — тем всё более явственней всплывают (для меня) и все её (технологии) ограничения и недостатки.

  16. Альбина Киямова:

    +Super_Slav , weird, cause I have a GT50 and it’s fantastic for my ps4 and xbox one. I use an actual asus monitor for pc gaming.

  17. Hunt Rus:

    Playstation 3’s online is FREE.  But the downfall is there are lag issues.  I play Battlefield 4 ONLINE with my P3 and I never have any lag issues unless my internet connection is fouling up.  To claim its the TV is yet to be proven.  Just like the vid above shows no lag.  So I therefore rest my case. 

  18. arklid:

    I had a st60, horrible input lag, game mode didn’t do anything, input lag is actually rated at something absurd like 78ms in this panel, with game mode enabled, all game mode does is tell you how long you have been playing for, all games were unplayable, I now use an asus monitor with 7ms input lag and 144hz. Not only that, these panels are known for their burn in affect, I played a game for 30 minutes on it and had the radar permenantly burnt in, and that was with brightness turned down to 40%.

  19. Денисище:

    Whaaattt? This HDTV is absolutely fine for most TV watchers and besides I tend to like Panasonic anyways. They’ve come out with some pretty good TV last year and I don’t see why this year would be the exception either..

  20. Traveler73:

    I’m so happy they didn’t improve it too much. I just bought an ST50 a month ago xD Though I wonder if they solved the image retention issues on the ST60…

  21. EasyGrach:

    Cnet gave their first 5 star rating ever to the Panasonic 60in. Mine is a 50im but still the same model. Plasma is the highest standard in television. Samsung RULES. They’re number 1 I love Samsung. They rule in LCD and LED. And their design is unmatched with virtually no bezel surrounding their TVs. I got my Panasonic at Sears using their layaway plan.

  22. Tim R:

    Game mode doesn’t change anything, It was so bad I had to get rid of my TV. Panasonic is garbage for gaming. All game mode did was a counter that told you how long you are playing for. Probably to keep score of how long you can last before you kick the tv in rage.

  23. Komunist Play:

    I game probably 5x more than I watch tv, and picked up an Xbox One. So that lag would be a huge problem for me. Glad I picked up the S60 model before they went extinct.

  24. Алексей Осадчий:

    +Chad Vital Did you have a ST60, no, I am talking about the ST60, the previous generation is not as bad with burn in, don’t know about input lag though.


    If you play in game mode, and you got the tv because it has a good picture then you just wasted about $300…game mode looks like shit

  26. Stronger Than Steel:

    When gaming at 60 fps that’s only 1/15 a second of lag or 1/3 the time it takes to blink your eye…in competitive gaming just like in competitive anything things don’t happen in a vacuum; it is not how things are that you account for, it is how things are going to be that matters and that is not decided by your eye. There’s a reason why the best players can win a losing fight, they’re mentally steps ahead of their competitors… tv lag is the least of your worries

  27. Kloyn 232:

    DO SO!!! IT DOES HAVE LAG! ALL TVS THAT AIN´T CRT HAS LAG! A pretty good TV though :p Only a few sony’s are better for gaming. The older P50UT50 had lower lag though… To bad they’re sold out in europe.

  28. Light Arghentum:

    you are amazing Reachel i’m a bog fan. i wish you the best. is there any way to communicate with you..

  29. 14m8:

    This video is just wrong and totally misleading.  Here’s what’s wrong with his «demonstration» * Using extended desktop instead of screen mirror * Video card unknown and the extended desktop is at a higher resolution than his desktop, which can cause lag. * Aero enabled, should be off * Most important of all — Game Mode is definitely not enabled in this test.  It is off by default on this TV. I have an ST60 and game on it regularly with my HTPC and PS4.  The lag is imperceptible to me.  Take a look at John Hooper’s excellent comparison video testing between the ST60 and the ST30, an older set known for very low input lag.  You’ll see in real world use and setup properly the lag is not a problem on this TV.

  30. Таисия Санькова:

    плазму ничем не заменить! наслаждаюсь уже 1.5 года, контраст и абсолютный черный поражает. Сборка топ уровня, пульт не очень удобный, заменил на классику. Все советую. Наслаждение невероятное!

  31. Амиго:

    This is ridiculous, it has to be the way he has this hooked up. I have the 60 inch version of the st60 and in no way do I get the lag he’s showing here. I play lots of battlefield 4 (even hundreds of hours of 3 and used to be cod before that) never have a lag issue.

  32. Усами Акихико:

    If you are a hardcore gamer you wont be playing on a console. Anyone who wants to game seriously go out and buy a computer and a gaming monitor. This tv will not be a problem for casual gaming. As mentioned before it will have problems with rock band, but if your playing a regular fps single player it wont matter.

  33. imlenka:

    You’ve yet to prove whether the lag you’re experiencing is actually your tv or your internet connection.  There’s absolutely no delay in the vid above.  As i stood next to the train on the left side.  I shot a guy 100 yards away.   not to mention when I spawned in I had to immediately kill a dude on my left.  Anyway AT&T UVERSE is the latest technology in WIFI.   I just upgraded to it and now my P3 really really has ZERO LAG.  So my conclusion is its not the TV.  Its your internet capability.  

  34. Галина Агузарова:

    It’s true I had a st60, lag is at an absurd 78ms, even with game mode on, games were unplayable, I now have an asus monitor with 7ms input lag.

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