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Top 7 Best SoundBars 2017 — Affordable TV Sound Bar Reviews

9 лучших саундбаров — Рейтинг 2017 года Топ 9 | Эксперт Цен

Современный саундбар может сопрягаться с источником звука и активным сабвуфером «по воздуху»

Рейтинг лучших саундбаров 2017 года

Топ 5 лучших саундбаров 2017 года. Несколько лет назад единственным решением для

Видео и Аудио — Выбираем саундбар | Клуб экспертов DNS

Его название – «калька» с английского «soundbar».

TOP 5: Best Soundbar 2017

Что такое саундбар и какой выбрать? Отзывы и рекомендации…

Саундбар представляет собой звуковую панель, которая является компактной аудиосистемой, позволяющей наслаждаться музыкой без массивных динамиков и сабвуферов.

ТОП-10 саундбаров для подключения к телевизору 2017 года

Потому что, когда AccuVoice активен, саундбар делает акцент на человеческом голосе, задвигая фон на задний план. Следовательно, это может не устроить любителей музыки…

Как выбрать саундбар?

Иначе говоря, такой саундбар целесообразно брать, если вам нужна аудиосистема «и-для-музыки-тоже»…

The Best Soundbar 2017? Top 3 Best Soundbars For Music

Лучший саундбар для воспроизведения музыки

Лучший саундбар для небольшого телевизора. Со своими габаритами (ширина составляет около 53 см)

Саундбар или ДК — Сообщество «Hi-Fi, Hi-End и домашние…»

1.саундбар для музыки не ахти. Кино смотреть да, места занимает мало да, рекламу смотреть и слушать да, но не звук.

Какой лучший недорогой саундбар? | ServiceYard-уют вашего…

Нередко саундбар хорошо воспроизводит высокие частоты, а с низкими дело обстоит хуже.

Звук в новом формате. Выбираем саундбар — Ferra.ru

Дело в том, что саундбары «выросли» из сегмента таких экзотических устройств, как звуковые проекторы.

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  1. IO Games:

    See’s an affordable sound bar title. Presenter tell it’s a $400 affordable speaker. Fuckung Fly Away

  2. gaurav kanani:

    you need to make sure the input is changed to the proper input.. optical, bluetooth, aux are the 3 options.

  3. Sofija Ivanova:

    +princessptfo heos is nowhere near the quality of sonos. Has Linus tech tips ever reviewed heos, no. He’s reviewed sonos and called it f-ing awesome.

  4. Иван Омельченко:

    Do you think this can connect to the Bose 10″ Wireless Subwoofer? (Bose Acoustimass 300 wireless base Module — Black

  5. дальний восток:

    Just because the sound is restricted by the quality of the recording doesn’t mean you can’t demonstrate it. People HATE it when you just have someone BLABBER on INCESSANTLY…..your reviews could be half of what they are. Waste of Time!

  6. Надечка Дегтяр:

    no they are not copy-cats sonos is simple and does not have as many options, and focuses on simplicity and marketing, while heos is all about inputs and higher quality

  7. Mind Leprekon:

    Sonos on nr1, this product is 7years old. And i dont get that Bluesound Pulsesoundbar isnt in this list?

  8. natalia mandzhieva:

    Awesome work. I do the electronics but need to learn to work with wood. Excellent and affordable tool you used.

  9. Даниил Клюкин:

    Kakarot The Super Saiyan Stiv Bators. Saw the Dead Boys live and besides crawling inside the bass drum Stiv hung himself on stage with the mic cord over a rafter. A legend

  10. Talgat Valiev:

    These are very low end souhdbars, what about the Sony HT-ST5000 or the samsung hw-k950? all with Atmos? you said best, these other ones are rubbish.

  11. Светлана Сидоренко:

    Bose fans are upset because they are too fucking STUPID to understand this! That is why they are so easily BRAINWASHED into believing they sound so good (which they don’t — they sound like my ass farts!)

  12. Дмитрий Глухов:

    +Mtcrafter M I have a HEOS and my friend has a SONOS. so… tried both. and Linus isn’t the best reviewer either.

  13. ludmila Gnatyshyna:

    Faheem magan, not all of these are low end. The definitive technology W Studio is the best sounding sound bar I have ever heard. Nor is it “budget” as it comes in at $1499.

  14. Aleksei:

    you should be nicer to the people giving you advice on how to make your video better, yeah we obviously want to hear it. Go watch any big tech channel, take notes .

  15. Slenergy Extreme:

    Nice work, looks nice, but why the woofer on top? Underneath and put the whole system on spikes also the speakers in that size need more volume (capacity) or some fresh air, it would sound really nice, the box itself makes the most in good sound, not that much the speakers or chassis, you can have the best but if the box sucks they won’t listen good, but with a good box you can make some old tv speakers sound amazing, only need a bass then.

  16. Болат Шапиев:

    Your full of shit. I got 2 Play 5’s with a Sub and a Playbar with a Sub also. They are fucking amazing. BTW why the hell would you buy the Sonos controller? You got no smartphone? 

  17. Ержан Ахмедов:

    Sonos on nr1, this product is 7years old. And i dont get that Bluesound Pulsesoundbar isnt in this list?

  18. Звёздный котик:

    Cheapest one is $400. Thanks for starting with that one so I could turn off the video after that one.

  19. Ali Can:

    +Jeremy Judkins because you are behaving like a salesman instead of a reviewer. You just told what the product can do, you never even spoke about how it does what it does. Probably learn what a review is? Dictionary?

  20. Imagin Dragons:

    can this be used in conjunction with with the heos 1 speakers for full 5.1 wireless surround sound?? i like that it supports DTS playback as the sonos does not!

  21. Даниил Игнатов:

    Don’t buy this, its crap. I purchased the sonos play5, play3 and the play1 including the bridge. I also bought a sonos controller which unsurprisingly broke after 2 months of use. The system constantly requires updates. Do not buy this. Total waste of money. Disappointed.

  22. Виктория Еропова:

    LiL-A-407 this bar breaks down often, their coustomer service is bad. I had 2 bluray from pioneer. My cheaper lg works better and long than pioneer «quality».

  23. Записки Сантехника Нижний Новгород:

    Just ignore them. Some of your viewers were just looking for additional information about the product and they understand why you didn’t demo it. Idiots won’t understand that. (y)

  24. Doti Bear TV Russian:

    The Great Empire!! Yup, you’ll never need to use the bose remote if you dont want to. System powers on/off when there is a signal from the tv and volume from tv remote works.

  25. RAFNIK 666:

    Do it again Mister. While you impressing your friends reading off the box, you passed over the watt output on the BOSE soundbar.

  26. VinkerPro:

    Really curious as why so many people are upset that I didn’t demonstrate the sound quality? Do you realize that the sound quality would be completely inaccurate, considering I am recording it with a microphone that records in lesser quality than the soundbar…not to mention the people complaining are probably listening on a smartphone, whose sound would be no where near close to how the soundbar was producing sound. If you are interested in testing it out, go to bestbuy or, just buy it and return it if you don’t like it.

  27. Екатерина Литвиненко:

    for real people that brokeߘðߘðߘ can buy weed everyday. but complain about investing 400 in quality equipment. lol. stop smoking if you want nicer things in life. if u can afford both. nice thingsu003e smoking pot!!! lol

  28. Мария Сурова:

    Hi there, our Customer Care team would be happy to help out if you’re having any trouble with Sonos. Please give us a call or send us an email using the info here: http://www.sonos.com/contact. You can also send a tweet to @SonosSupport.

  29. Yana Mon:

    I currently use a Canon 80D with a 24-70 F2.8L, but if i recall correctly, this video was shot on a Nikonn D5500 with the F1.8 35mm lens. Check out some of my newer videos for way better quality, considering this video is almost a year and a half old.

  30. Дмитрий Пициков:

    Sonos on nr1, this product is 7years old. And i dont get that Bluesound Pulsesoundbar isnt in this list?

  31. мадина шарипова:

    Good job on the video. Not many older people need to know this. Although my wife who is 27 had no idea how to hook her phone up to ours. Lol crazy girl!

  32. Vasiliy Bets:

    Tech World o know i have one its brutal how good that thing is especially dolby atmos that thing is on another level

  33. Лана Лана:

    400 sound bar? I can piece together a 5. 1 or 7.1 for 800 so ….. yea not budget at all. Tell pioneer thanks for the sponsorship

  34. Andrew Dee:

    SONOS should be using «OUT OF CONTROL» by Wayne County & The Electric Chairs from the «CBGB» movie soundtrack..

  35. Дильназ жарасова:

    my tv has zero issues with my playbar. I’m just saying denon is a complete copy cat of sonos trying to take market share away from them (to the point where cnet mistakenly named one of their denon reviews a sonos product). Denen is also much better quality. 

  36. Radistochka:

    Do it again Mister. While you impressing your friends reading off the box, you passed over the watt output on the BOSE soundbar.

  37. Zoom:

    Do it again Mister. While you impressing your friends reading off the box, you passed over the watt output on the BOSE soundbar.

  38. AmiR R6S PS4:

    LCD-Bluetooth-Receiver-MP3/WMA/WAV-Player (12Vcc): http://www.ebay.com/itm/LCD-7-12V-Bluetooth-Audio-Receiver-MP3-Player-WMA-WAV-decoder-audio-FM-Radio-/182103392529?hash=item2a66354111:g:Q4IAAOSw3mpXG1D5 Amplifier TDA7377 2.1 (12Vcc): https://www.ebay.com/itm/TDA7377-Power-Amplifier-2-1-DIY-kit-3-Channel-Sound-Audio-AMP-Board-12-18V-DC/263038818160?epid=21003276024&hash=item3d3e55d770:g:6VAAAOSwN2VZQkfE Speakers: 2x SAL SKN 10 (4 inch, 30W, 8 Ohms, 500-8500 Hz, 84 dB) 2x SAL KHS-106 (4 inch, 150W, 8 Ohms, 2000-20000 Hz, 90 dB) 1x Senon DYG 6510-90 (6.5 inch 100W 4 Ohms 45-2000 Hz 91 dB)

  39. Александр Лыкошин:

    Jeremy Judkins people are complete dumb fucks what honestly do you expect… its unfortunate. I blame adhd lol but great vid and good explanation

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