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16.11.2017 В связи с невозможностью исполнять свои обязательства перед туристами и заказчиками по договорам реализации туристского продукта ООО «Вэст-Лайн Тревел» вынуждено объявить о прекращении своей деятельности. Прекращение деятельности связана с сильным падением спроса на туристский продукт. Пострадавшим туристам и иным заказчикам…

Туроператор West-line Travel ООО "Вэст-лайн Тревел" 127322…

West-line travel. Мы предлагаем выгодные туры по Юго-Восточной Азии, ОАЭ, Африке.

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West-line Travel Вэст-лайн Тревел, Москва. Отметки «Нравится»: 429. Организовываем незабываемые путешествия в ОАЭ, Юго-Восточную Азию и Африку.

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Туроператор West-line travel. Самый магический тур уходящего года: Спешите занять свои места в

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Туроператор West-line Travel (ООО «Вэст-лайн тревел») успешно работает на туристическом рынке с 1996 г. и входит в группу компаний West-line Group с офисами в Москве и Киеве.

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Туроператор Вэст-лайн тревел. Перейти на официальный сайт www.westlinegroup.ru.

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Написать отзыв. Отзывы › Путешествия и туризм › Агентства и компании › Туроператоры. Туроператор West-line travel — отзывы.

Туроператор West-line Travel, туроператор г. Москва

Туроператор West-line Travel (ООО «Вэст-лайн тревел») успешно работает на туристическом рынке с 1996 г. и входит в группу компаний West-line Group.

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Туроператор West-line Travel успешно работает на туристическом рынке с 1996 г. и входит в группу компаний West-line Group.

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Я хочу пожаловаться на Вест Лайн Тревел, в частности оплаты их туров, намеренно завышают курс доллара — ситуация была в следующем

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  1. игорь наумов:

    Going back and watching some of your older cruise vlogs…we love Key West!  I collect Christmas tree ornaments from our travels and I chose a small yellow wire chicken from Key West as our memory ornament. I try to get something that might not specifically be a «Christmas»  ornament since they usually are very generic so I try for something that reminds me of the locale.  Every time I put it on our tree I remember Key West and all those wild chickens…lol  Love watching your vlogs!

  2. Арсений Евтухов:

    I have to say, this series, alongside San Minato, is going down as one of my favorite for Cities Skylines. The amount of detail and labor you put in is so respectable. It’s amazing. If anything it inspires me to get on Cities and build better things in my saves. I really hope you’ll consider uploading this one to the workshop. My computer already somehow manages to load almost 4000 assets so I know I could at least load it. I really just want to get in and sit and stare at all the details for myself. Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Ragnar Artworks:

    The Esperance area is probably one of my favourite places in WA but really, WA is just beautiful overall.If you ever get the chance to travel along the coast, make sure you plan well and to stop at Coral Bay for a while. It has the best underwater world! Subscribe for more travel videos in the future. Another one in the make right now 🙂 cheers

  4. Стас Кучальский:


  5. juiciusmaximus3:

    Rhonda Gulledge aww! Thank you so much! 🙂 That’s so cool! A chicken magnet is perfect for Key West! I don’t know if you remember, though I got way too excited when I saw the chickens all over Key West! Lol. And your ornament collection sounds perfect-they’re nice and small which is great for packing! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  6. Jack Pierce:

    Hey guys, Australia is truly amazing isn’t?! The people are amazing (I mean, look at my girlfriend) and the country is gorgeous. Who wouldn’t wanna go back? 😀 I really wish I had a drone already but still looking for the best one to buy. Which one do you have if I may ask? Cheers

  7. DashaWhite:

    Ola sou do brasil e amo suas series bom eu queria falar que ja que estamos falando de uma cidade japonesa voce poderia colocar a grande antena de toquio Aquela que fica no centro da cidade de uma pesquisada e pense na proposta

  8. shaney G:

    Great video I could only imagine 3 Months Rd. trip we did three weeks and had a wonderful time Australia so beautiful I really enjoyed the people in the country I enjoyed flying my drone as well I’m starting up a new Travel Channel I will sub

  9. Mary Novikova:

    Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner thanks Arlynn! Chickens must love cruise ships! Lol. I kept an eye out looking for Key West High School…didn’t Chris go there? Thanks as always for watching! 🙂

  10. Елена Угрюмова:

    Roland Jong hi Roland! When I was there, I was under the impression that the first trolley was part of the tour but later found out once I got back home from viewers that the first trolley is actually free. So I believe you’re right and that it’s free! Sorry I can’t give you a 100% certain answer.

  11. Андрей Стремецкий:

    Hey Scott, so the first trolley that you got on by the ship was just a free shuttle into town and not the paid excursion trolley? Thinking of just walking around the downtown area and not doing the tour. Thanks!

  12. Strife:

    You are right Australia is amazing I put a couple links in my description for drone stuff but I would actually say that I might go with the DJ I phantom 3 advanced or pro save yourself a little money and actually get great footage. Thanks for the support look forward to seeing what’s your next adventure will be.

  13. Gundam SEA:

    I guess that is right about those silly chickens…LOL…I think they know that we have an extra amount of food and they are little beggars…;) lol And yes, Chris sure did go to Key West HS…;) 🙂 🙂

  14. Best Price:

    Loving the new neighborhood. Did you fill all the empty space behind the big structures with low residential off screen? Also, congrats on you on the (near) 100.000 cims, the city is becoming pretty big. Also, why don’t make next some big low residential neighborhood to make some actual car traffic go in the city center?

  15. RomA Bachuk:

    Nice video! 🙂 I went to Esperance in Western Australia a few years ago and it was beautiful, hoping to go back there and explore more next time!

  16. Эльвира Суворова:

    Just found your channel I’ve subscribed. Me and my girlfriend have our own travel channel would love if you could check it out and subscribe!

  17. Vladislav Kachan:

    WoW…unbelievable build! You videos makes me want to play the game again! Just wondering if the object limit is still there in the game?


    Another great video…fantastic tips about the «Check In at Sea» service. What’s with all of the chickens? lol (They were all over Hawaii too…I found it so funny). 🙂 Loved the tour of Key West, brought back tons of memories. 🙂

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